History - Mazlum Şekerli Mamüller®


Mazlum Şekerli Mamüller® is a brand that was born and famous with the enthusiasm of the Sakarya people. Our story is from the 19th century. At the end of the century, Murat’s son Mazlum Master(Pekerken) born in Thessaloniki, came from Thessaloniki and opened a shop at Sakarya Sogan Pazarı Street. In those days, Mazlum Master, who only produced one boiler halva a day, was finishing the halva by noon in line to buy the hot halva that formed in front of the shop at the same time.

Customers who couldn’t buy would come in earlier tomorrow and queue up. With the birth and grow up of 2nd Generation Hüseyin Pekerken, father and son worked together. When Mazlum Efendi was deceased in 1938, his son Hüseyin Pekerken continued to produce the halva he inherited from his father. 2nd Generation Hüseyin Pekerken has added turkish delight and turkish traditional(akide) candy to the production of Mazlum®brand over time. The 3rd Generation Haluk Pekerken (Our Current Manager) was born in 1965 and from 1975 onwards, he and his father, Hüseyin Pekerken(2nd Generation), started working together.

However, Hüseyin’s son Haluk Pekerken(3. Generation) Mazlum®’s unique flavors of halva, turkish delight and confectionery have started to look for solutions for a new variety. Based on this idea, he starts a search that relies on one end of Istanbul and the other end abroad and continues to work to add chocolate to its production. When Mazlum’s son Hüseyin Pekerken(2nd Generation) was deceased in 1989, his son Haluk Pekerken continued to produce the halva, turkish delight and confectionery he inherited from his father. After a while, he added chocolate to the production of Mazlum®brand over time.

These different presentations and products attract the attention of Sakarya people and soon become famous in nearby provinces. Mazlum®now becomes a brand that also mentions chocolate. The old halva shop established by Mazlum Efendi was first transformed into a sign in the form of Mazlum Şekerleme and a commercial title as Mazlum Şekerli Mamüller® in today’s commercial environment. Thus, this brand, which has been around for over 100 years, has become become the potent symbol of Sakarya and has been born. Today, Haluk Pekerken(3rd Generation) work together with his sons H.Enes Pekerken and T. Sebre Pekerken (4th Generation).

Mazlum Şekerli Mamüller®, which continues its initiatives and investments in parallel with its success, produces around 1000 products today with its own formulas and undergoes its control of laboratories. Which turns to export with the works of the 4th generation, exports to the Middle East countries and provides Know-How information flow.

Today, as the 4th generation, we are proud to serve you in the same place where Mazlum Şekerli Mamüller® was founded, thanks to you, thanks to our quality and delicious products in various countries of the world, to keep Mazlum®alive and our quality with you we are proud to be sharing.

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